• Georgia's Iriao pulled back the curtain to reveal the 43rd entry of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. (Screen: YouTube)

    The EuroWhat? #9: Dita Von Teese Curtain Monster

    This week we chat about the last six entries for Eurovision 2018 with special guest Barbara Sawhill. Are we buying the hype for Israel's "Toy" as this year's favorite? Do we have "Bones" to pick with Bulgaria? What is up with Georgia's curtain lady?
  • Alexander Rybak will offer a Eurovision tutorial for Norway with "That's How You Write a Song" in Lisbon. (Photo: NRK)

    The EuroWhat? #8: Melfest Fest

    Eurovision's 2018 selection season is approaching the end, which means one thing: Sweden's Melodifestivalen! Well, two things: lots of internal selections coming through the pipeline. No matter how you count it, we're in the homestretch!
  • Finland's Saara Aalto performs "Monsters" during the UMK selection show. (Photo: Miikka Varila)

    The EuroWhat? #7: Remember the Diaspora?

    It's another whirlwind trip around Europe as we hopscotch through another set of Eurovision selections. We have outlaws, humans, monsters, and wannabe heroes in the mix, but will it be opera that takes the top prize in Lisbon?
  • Laura Rizzotto will be Latvia's "Funny Girl" at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: LTV / Eurovision)

    The EuroWhat? #6: Stupor Saturday

    The second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest started filling up this past week as nine countries made their selections. There are elevated pianos, Moldovan wedding hijinks, and baffled rockers—it must be the height of selection season!
  • Alekseev lights up the stage at the national final for Belarus (Photo: BTRC)

    The EuroWhat? #5: Get Excited

    Three more songs have joined the 2018 Eurovision field—two from national selections and one from... just showing up? San Marino has a business proposition for you while Israel poses a challenge to the concept of live vocals. Plus, we get ready for the onslaught of Stupor Saturday. Get excited!

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