Eurovision 2014 Entry: San Marino — Valentina Monetta — Maybe

Maybe San Marino will finally make it to the Eurovision Song Contest final with “Maybe” by Valentina Monetta. For the third time to be a charm, it may require some errors from ESC heavyweights.

Country: San Marino
Song Title: “Maybe”
Artist: Valentina Monetta
Semi-Final: First, Position 12
Last year’s entry: “Vola” – Valentina Monetta (DNQ – 11th Place, SF2)1

I still haven’t fully recovered from San Marino missing out on last year’s Eurovision Song Contest final. I was traveling for work the day of last year’s second semi-final and landed just as Greece received the final spot in Malmö’s final. It was a gut punch, y’all. I appreciate the determination Valentina Monetta has for getting her country to its first Eurovision final, representing the microstate with the song “Maybe”:

There are many good choices happening with this track. I like that San Marino avoided the temptation to do another hybrid song like last year’s “Vola.”2 Although I adored last year’s entry, “Vola”‘s strength was in the ballad portion and transition, not in the finale. While “Maybe” is a ballad, it’s not the traditional Eurovision ballad of a singer standing in one place and building up to a power note. The lyrics and performance feel genuine, which is just as important as executing vocal gymnastics (looking at you, Sweden).

The question isn’t if San Marino will win (sorry), but if the country will finally advance out of the semis. San Marino landed in a tough semi. You have heavy hitters Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Armenia most likely claiming 3 of the 10 available slots. Hungary and Estonia also seem like safe bets, so half the spots are gone. San Marino’s position in the lineup could make or break this entry. Although Moldova has a solid track record, their entry this year could be one step away from a total mess on-stage. If San Marino becomes a palate cleanser, that could provide a huge boost. Also, if Russia gets punished by the juries or televoters,3 San Marino could stand to benefit.

Valentina Monetta will need to draw on her extensive Eurovision experience and deliver a solid performance. Unfortunately, her success will probably be based on factors beyond her control—specifically other performances disappointing audiences. I’m pulling for you, Valentina!

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  1. 🙁   
  2. Though perceived frontrunner Armenia is using that strategy, so Monetta was ahead of her time?  
  3. Oh wait, Eurovision isn’t political, right?  
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