Eurovision 2014: Poland — Donatan And Cleo — My Słowianie (Slavic Girls)

Can Donatan and Cleo’s ode to Poland’s “Slavic Girls” make the Eurovision Grand Final after two years away?

Country: Poland

Song Title: “My Słowianie (Slavic Girls)”

Artist: Donatan and Cleo

Semi-Final: Second, Position 5

Last year’s entry: Did Not Participate – Welcome Back, Poland!

Poland is back in the Eurovision Song Contest after 2 years!  It’s easy to understand why they took some time off – a bad slot in the semi-finals meant their last entry, 2011’s “Jestem”, was the cherry on top of a sundae of 3 years worth of poor finishes.  A few years later to recharge, and Poland’s back and playing to its strengths with a viral entry, Donatan and Cleo’s “Slavic Girls”.  Mike mentioned in his First Listen that the song’s viral origins may make for a strong re-entry.  Let’s take a look at the original video and see if he’s correct:

The video definitely shoots for the viral video/eye candy demographic, and on both of those counts it’s successful1.  I can see why this entry’s getting attention, but I’m actually more drawn to the way Cleo’s taken traditional slavic iconography and given it a modern twist in her own look, rather than the other girls (who seem more like props than anything else).  The song still feels a little like a travel ad that’s desperately trying to be hip, but it at least seems to be a little tongue-in-cheek with its presentation.

It’s this tongue-in cheek aspect I’d most want to see replicated in the stage performance.  This song is in the vast middle of the running order, but it’s also a burst of energy after the more somber Norway and the campus quad jam session that is Georgia.  The Eurovision audience still hasn’t warmed to hip-hop’s influence in the competition (and I can’t see the juries loving this one either), but a fun, memorable performance could be enough to get them through to the grand final.  I think the song’s a little too region-specific to take the crown, but if Poland’s willing to play with its image, it may have a happy return to the competition that shows it can do well.

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  1. The video has a number of attractive ladies in it and I’M NOT MADE OF STONE  

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