Eurovision 2014 Entry: Montenegro — Sergej Ćetković — Moj Svijet

Montenegro will try to get into the Eurovision Song Contest final for the first time with “Moj Svijet” by Sergej Ćetković. Though pretty, is the song too safe to leave an impression?

Country: Montenegro
Song Title: “Moj Svijet” (“My World”)
Artist: Sergej Ćetković
Semi-Final: First, Position 15
Last year’s entry: “Igranka” – Who See (DNQ – 12th Place, SF1)

Oh, Montenegro. Ever since the country split from Serbia and began competing in the Eurovision Song Contest it has been nothing but trouble. This year marks Montenegro’s sixth attempt at qualifying for the final since 2007. After a hiatus in 2010 and 2011, the entries engaged in the uphill battle of bringing rap to the Contest.1 Realizing that ballads are an easier sell, we get the entry “Moj Svijet” from Sergej Ćetković.

I respect this choice from a gameplay standpoint. Much like San Marino, there must be demand within the country to continue participating. But it must be frustrating to send entries and just miss qualifying year after year. Sending a safer entry rather than one that pushes the envelope should increase the likelihood of performing in the Grand Final. Netherlands found that strategy to work last year and is trying it again this year.

While safe may get a country to the final, safe will not win the Contest. I can’t help but associate this track with a song you would hear in a commercial for a yogurt that would help with digestion, or perhaps a new allergy medication. From a business standpoint, that’s brilliant on Sergej Ćetković’s part: the aftermarket is just as important as doing well at Eurovision. During the Maltese national selection, last year’s entrant “Tomorrow” could be heard in ads for a health care provider or something during each commercial break.

“Moj Svijet” is the kind of song that sounds nice while you listen to it, but is forgotten moments later. The producers may be pushing for Montenegro advancing, having placed it next-to-last in the running order. If televoters can remember the song after Hungary performs, that may be enough to provide the support the country needs to get to the next stage.

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  1. Last year’s entry should have qualified—that song rocks and would have pushed Eurovision into a direction that needs more exploration.  
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