Eurovision 2014 Entry: Spain — Ruth Lorenzo — Dancing in the Rain

Spain has an engaging entry to the Eurovision Song Contest with “Dancing in the Rain” by Ruth Lorenzo. Will this song get the country out of its Contest slump?

Country: Spain
Song Title: “Dancing in the Rain”
Artist: Ruth Lorenzo
Last year’s entry: “Contigo esta el Final” (“With You All the Way”) – ESDM (25th Place)

Historically, Spain has not been one of my favorite countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. Much like Latvia and Portugal, I think there is a disconnect between what works on a local level and what works on an international level. However, this year I actually don’t mind Spain’s selection of “Dancing in the Rain” by Ruth Lorenzo. Take a listen:

Yes, the song hits all of the clichés of a Eurovision ballad—soaring notes, female singer, the opportunity for a Celine Dion pounding of the chest—but Ruth Lorenzo executes the elements well. In the last few years, Spain has had the tendency to phone in its songs and performances, possibly because the country automatically qualifies for the final. I think the country has stepped up its game with this entry.

Ruth Lorenzo is a smart choice for competitive purposes as well. She is an alumna of the UK’s version of The X Factor, which is an excellent training ground for Eurovision.1 Though Spain has the right song and the right singer, I don’t think a win is in the cards. This is okay. I think Spain may need to adopt the approach I recommended for the Netherlands, which is to establish a more consistent track record before seeking a victory.

The challenge Spain faces is not just rising up in the overall field, but standing out among the Big 5 entrants. All of the Big 5 entrants have submitted strong entries this year, and I am eager to see how the five rank as a group.

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  1. Just ask Jedward, who represented Ireland in 2011 and 2012.  
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