Eurovision Song Contest 2014: The First Finalists Are…

Sixteen countries competed in Tuesday’s Eurovision Song Contest semi-final, but only ten advanced to Saturday’s Grand Final. Who advanced and what shockers occurred when the results were revealed?

History was made at the 59th Eurovision Song Contest during Tuesday’s semi-final in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both San Marino and Montenegro delivered solid performances of their entries, each earning a place in their first Eurovision final. The Netherlands extended its Eurovision streak to two, earning a place in the final with “The Calm After the Storm.” Although we predicted otherwise1, Iceland also advanced. Here is the full list of qualifiers in alphabetical order:

Along with being wrong about Iceland and San Marino2, we were wrong about Belgium and Estonia. Both failed entries were in the bottom half of our rankings, but I thought Estonia delivered a solid stage performance with a good—though not great—song. Belgium not qualifying was less of a shock, as most rankings had “Mother” on the bubble.

Thursday we will see the second semi-final. Ten more countries will advance to Saturday’s Grand Final. Ben will have our predictions Thursday afternoon, then we’ll watch live at and be tweeting @WEIOtv. See you there!

SongArtistHeat ScoresSemi-Final ScoresTotal
Fall Like RainGina Kanizsa374077
#HatterzajZavodi + Olivér Berkes363874
OrigoJoci Pápai 353873
ÉletLeander Kills343771
Hosszú időkGabi Toth343771
See It ThroughGigi Radics 363571
17Kállay Saunders Band353570
  1. Sorry Ben  
  2. Which I’m totes okay with—YAY SAN MARINO!  
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