Austria Wins the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

After two fantastic semi-finals and a final where it was anybody’s game, Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix” won Austria the Eurovision Song Contest.

“This evening is dedicated to everyone who believes in peace and freedom,” Conchita Wurst said moments after accepting the Eurovision Song Contest trophy from last year’s winner, Emmelie de Forest from Denmark. Going into this week Armenia was the frontrunner, followed by Sweden and other usual suspects in Eurovision circles. However, the field opened up after Tuesday’s semi-final with Sweden moving into the top spot.

Then Wurst performed in Thursday’s semi-final and the crowds went WILD. The soaring, James Bond-esque ballad was delivered impeccably. Any time Conchita was on-screen the home audience could hear the roar from the B&W Hallerne arena.

In total, Austria received top honors of 12 points from 13 countries, finishing with a score of 290 points. In the runner-up spot was the Netherlands, whose Americana ballad “Calm After the Storm” by the Common Linnetts received eight 12’s from the 37-country field. Considering the Netherlands ended a ten-year drought last year, finishing in second with 238 points is quite the feat. Former frontrunner Sweden finished third with 218 points. “Undo” by Sanna Nielsen earned only three 12’s.

Montenegro, which appeared in its first final ever, earned top points from Armenia and FYR Macedonia for the song “Moj Svijet” by Sergej Cetkovic. Other countries to earn 12s were Armenia (3), Azerbaijan (1), Belarus (1), Hungary (1), Italy (1), Romania (1), Russia1 (2), and Spain (1).

Sadly, France finished at the bottom of the scoreboard. “Moustache” by Twin Twin earned its first point from Sweden—the 18th country to reveal points. The group earned at least 1 more point, but overall a disappointing finish for a fun song.

The 60th Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place next May in Austria. Congratulations Conchita!

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