First Listen: Estonia’s Elina Born & Stig Rästa say “Goodbye to Yesterday”

Estonia’s 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry has a unique charm that could set it apart from the current pack.

I’m not sure what’s gotten into the water over in the EU in the last year, but apparently it’s making most of the countries send duos or duets.  So far, most of these haven’t impressed me, and there hasn’t been one song that’s stood out as being ahead of the pack like there’s been in past years (Sweden’s “Euphoria” and Denmark’s “Only Teardrops” felt like clear winners from the moment I first heard them).  Estonia’s choice for Vienna this year, “Goodbye to Yesterday”, is also a duet- let’s take a listen and see if there’s anything here to break away from the rest:

I’m really digging this entry – there’s a 60s mod influence that’s mixing with a he said/she said thing as well that’s feeling like a more positive version of “Don’t You Want Me”.  Elina and Stig both have strong voices and good chemistry in both the recorded and live versions of the song, which will help the energy of their performance in Vienna.  For the big show, I don’t usually recommend copying past entries, but if there was a song that calls for a performance where both singers are facing one another like The Netherlands last year, this one is it.  With the right staging, I could see this going all the way, and certainly to the finals.

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