First Listen: Is Israel’s Eurovision Entry “Golden”?

After last year’s shocking snub from the Eurovision finals, will Israel’s ADD approach take them all the way?

One of the more shocking results last year’s Eurovision Song Contest (for me, at least) was that Israel’s song, the strong-seeming “Same Heart”, was nowhere near the finals of the competition.  What had felt like a lock for getting through the semifinals faltered once it got to the voters that really matter, but I was still stunned.  Let’s take a look at this year’s entry, Nadav Guedj’s “Golden Boy”:

Well, the nice thing about this song is that if you don’t like it, give it about 20-30 seconds because it’ll be a completely different song by then.  Things move from ballad to breakup song to club anthem in the space of a minute and a half, and that’s not even counting the Tel Aviv namedrop that comes immediately after.  The schizophonic approach seems like a mistake here – it’s distracting, but not distracting enough that you ignore the simplicity of the rhyme scheme or the generic backing music.

If there’s one thing in this entry’s favor, it’s Nadav’s presence as a performer.  He seems to have the energy needed to carry this song and, given the right staging, this might not be as doomed as I make it out to be.  He may be the glue this otherwise fractured entry needs.

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