Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Video Hangout

The WEIO Eurovision team gathered virtually Friday night to chat about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Literally see what they had to say.

Dreams do come true: you can now watch three Americans who have zero standing in the Eurovision Song Contest go into a deep dive about this year’s competition! The WEIO Eurovision Team (Ryan Brazell, Mike McComb, and Ben Smith) met up on a Google Hangout Friday to chat about this year’s Contest. Topics include:

  • How Vienna is doing as a host
  • Wondering why there are four hosts
  • Conchita Wurst’s next career moves
  • Surprises from the First Semi-Final
  • Disappointments in the Second Semi-Final
  • Handing out the Golden Hamster Wheel Award for Most Improved Entry
  • Celebrating accessibility for the deaf community
  • Speculation on the Big 5 + Austr*ia((Austria and Australia)
  • Predictions on Last Place

The video is a bit long, but use it as prep for your Eurovision party and you will be golden.

For additional commentary during today’s Grand Final, be sure to follow @WEIOTV, @RyanBrazell, @Rube_Goldberg, and @BenMSmith on Twitter.

For those who are interested in the voting order, here is the list from

1) Montenegro (Andrea Demirović)

2) Malta (Julia Zahra)

3) Finland (Krista Siegfrids)

4) Greece (Helena Paparizou)

5) Portugal (Suzy)

6) Romania (Sonia Argint Ionescu)

7) Belarus (Teo)

8) Albania (Andria Xhahu)

9) Moldova (Olivia Fortuna)

10) Azerbaijan (Tural Asadou)

11) Latvia (Markus Riva)

12) Serbia (Maia Nikolić)

13) Estonia (Tania)

14) Denmark (Basim)

15) Switzerland (Laetitia Guarino)

16) Belgium (Walid)

17) France (Virginie Guillaume)

18) Armenia (Lilit Muradyan)

19) Ireland (Nicky Byrne)

20) Sweden (Mariette Hanson)

21) Germany (Barbara Schöneberger)

22) Australia (Lee Lin Chin)

23) Czech Republic (Daniela Písařovicová)

24) Spain (Lara Siscar)

25) Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)

26) F.Y.R. Macedonia (Marko Mark)

27) Slovenia (Tinkara Kovač)

28) Hungary (Csilla Tatár)

29) United Kingdom (Nigella Lawson)

30) Georgia (Natia Bunturi)

31) Lithuania (Ugnė Galadauskaitė)

32) Netherlands (Edsilia Rombley)

33) Poland (Cleo)

34) Israel (Ofer Nachshom)

35) Russia (Dmitry Shepelev)

36) San Marino (Valentina Monetta)

37) Italy (Federico Russo)

38) Iceland (Sigridur Halldorsdottir)

39) Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)

40) Norway (Margrethe Røed)

Good luck, contestants! It should be a fantastic Eurovision final!

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