First Listen: Malta Sends a “Chamelon”

Ira Losco represents Malta as a “Chameleon”, but blends in a little too well.

After failing to make the finals last year (blame it on one too many entries titled “Warrior”), Malta’s back and determined to make the Grand Final with Ira Losco and “Chameleon”.  Let’s take a listen:

It’s a good performance from Ira, and the song seems decent, but it also feels like what I’d consider a run-of-the-mill Eurovision entry.  This definitely has the uplifting feel of a good Eurovision song, and some good instrumentation, but the lyrics feel like very standard (and yet disconnected – “We Are Invincible” gets mentioned way more than the namesake chameleon in the chorus).  Same with the presentation of this song – it’s nice, but feels like any of dozens of previous Eurovision performances.  If Malta really wants to take it all the way to the final, they’ll need to step it up with something a little more exciting.

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