First Listen: Moldova Catches “Falling Stars”

Moldova’s hitching their wagon to Lidia Isac’s “Falling Stars.” Will it get them back to the Grand Final?

In the early 2010s, Moldova’s entries were some of the most fun to watch, but they’ve failed to qualify for the Grand Final in the past two years (perhaps due to the lack of Pasha Parfeny). Can this former Soviet Socialist Republic¬†restore the magic and get back to Eurovision success?

Moldova’s past success at bringing a weird and energetic (if not “good”) entry to the Eurovision stage makes this year’s danceably generic entry that much more disappointing. It’s only slightly better than not sending an entry at all, like in 2014.1 I don’t think this song has much energy, or anything to separate it from the crowd. I also don’t think Lidia Isac is doing a particularly good job with the interval in the chorus. I do appreciate the commitment from the electronic drum set player! As with Slovenia, though, if that’s the best Moldova has going for them, it’s going to be a rough year. They might sneak through, but sadly, I’ll be looking for them to complete a hat-trick of qualification failures this year.

  1. Moldova did actually enter that year but the song was so bad I prefer to think it never existed.  
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