First Listen: Slovenia Sends “Blue and Red” Into the Mix

Slovenia might win my drinking game, but they need to do better if they want to build momentum at Eurovision.

Eurovision voters were largely not here for last year’s catchy “Here For You, ” which finished in 14th place. That was a pretty disappointing result for the song, I thought, but Slovenia has a yery spotty record of even making the final show. So last year was good progress, and something to build upon. Can they take advantage of the opportunity to gather momentum in 2016?

This entry is having a serious identity crisis. Aurally, it’s a Taylor Swift breakup knock-off — she’s healing and sounding a little bit country after ending a relationship that didn’t work. None of that is represented visually, though. ManuElla starts in a Lonely Hearts-esque jackets, and everyone else is clad in leather, epaulettes, hotpants, or all of the above. I appreciate the nod towards my ESC drinking game with the simultaneous key AND costume change! If that’s the best thing you have going for your entry, though, this is not going to be a good year for you.

With stronger vocals, this entry might turn out okay. That said, we saw several countries (Malta and Azerbaijan come to mind) with otherwise promising songs thwarted by pitchiness in the final performances last year. ManuElla seems like she may have the same issues down the homestretch. Given an already pretty strong field, with many of the top-ten mainstays yet to finalize their selections, I have a feeling Slovenia will struggle to make it out of its semifinal.

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