First Listen: Hungary’s Ready for Freddie’s “Pioneer”

Hungary will be sending “Pioneer” by Freddie to the Eurovision Song Contest. Could this song lead the way to victory in Stockholm?

At the conclusion of Hungary’s lengthy Eurovision selection process¬†A Dal, the judges and public decided that Freddie and his song “Pioneer” will represent the country in Stockholm in May. Let’s watch his final performance:

Let’s tick off some of the boxes from the Eurovision checklist, shall we?

I’m sold. Full disclosure, I’ve been in the bag for Hungary forever as they have been circling the perimeter of the Eurovision trophy. I’m looking forward to hearing a more refined studio version of this track as Freddie’s delivery in the live show made it difficult to understand what he was saying. It might also help bring out some charisma in the song, which I think is there but has become muddled.

We are reaching the halfway point in the selection process and I’m not convinced “Pioneer” is a Top 10 contender…yet. The song and the performance above have some strong bones and I think with some solid work in the next two months Hungary might be in the running for a surprise in Stockholm.

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