First Listen: “I Didn’t Know” San Marino Was Sending Serhat

San Marino continues trolling the Eurovision Song Contest with Serhat’s “I Didn’t Know”.

I’m starting to think that San Marino realizes that they’re never going to win the Eurovision Song Contest and is actively seeing what they can get away with sending as an entry. After sending poor Valentina Monetta and some Ralph Siegel-penned ditty for 3 years, they kept Ralph and sent another overly cheesy song last year to the same 1 showing. And then there’s this year’s entry, Serhat’s “I Didn’t Know”

If you told me this was the result of an experiment to see how close of a line you can make between talking in a deep raspy voice and singing, I would believe you. This is a ridiculous song which is not helped by the video, which feels like something that was made at a mall kiosk in 30 minutes and is oddly creepy. Serhat’s performance reminds me most closely of Zlad!, who represented Molvania years back with “Elektronik Supersonik”, but if you tried to make that sultry somehow. I hope the “second-rate Austin Powers villain” aesthetic extends to the performance in Stockholm, and I will be very mad if Serhat is not wearing his monocle headstrap on stage.

In summary: I am laughing too hard at this entry to take it seriously. I hope it makes the finals so I can show my Eurovision party this ridiculousness.

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