First Listen: Will Iveta Mukuchyan Make Any “LoveWave”s in Stockholm?

Iveta Mukuchyan (Public Television of Armenia/Armen Aghayan)

Does Iveta Mukuchyan’s “LoveWave” have what it takes to make the Eurovision finals?

Armenia is always a little hard to track when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Sometimes thy go pure pop, other times they go very message-driven, and sometimes they stay out of the contest entirely1.  What does this year’s entrant, Iveta Mukuchyan’s “LoveWave”, hold in store?

It’s all very dramatic, but does nothing for me.  Iveta’s elocution has me scratching my head over the lyrics of this – I know the song’s in English, but I’m not sure I’d be able to tell if I was listening from across the room.  The song structure here is also interesting – it never quite resolves into a standard verse/chorus structure and has a weird spoken intro.  Non-traditional is fine – goodness knows Aminata’s “Love Injection” brought the atypical to the top 10, but I’m not sure this song has the same kind of power.  It’s definitely got drama, and a good performance could kick it all the way to the finals, but I’m not sure we’ll be heading to Armenia in 2017 based on this song alone.

  1. which, given the political situation over in that region, was a smart choice that year  

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