First Listen: Romania’s Ovidiu Anton Brings the Drama with “Moment of Silence”

Ovidiu Anton (image provided by TVR)

Romania always brings the drama, but will Ovidiu Anton bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Bucharest in 2017?

There are a few countries you can trust to bring drama to the Eurovision Song Contest year after year.  Romania is such a country – if they’re not bringing an opera singer wailing over a Eurodance beat, they’re at least bringing pyrotechnics 1.  That seems to be happily on track with this year’s entry, Ovidiu Anton’s “Moment of Silence”:

The actual song structure here isn’t super unique (certainly within the realm of Eurovision, if not music in general), but it’s a nice rock-y power ballad.  The Mad Max-esque styling is pretty awesome, although I’d love to see Ovidiu and company take it up another level for the big show in Stockholm.  The lyrics here feel like they may be referring to some actual conflict rather than just something created for the song, but they’re also generic enough that Romania isn’t in Ukraine territory.  I definitely think with the right performance, this has what it takes to make the final, but I think it could easily get knocked out there by something far more poppy – with few exceptions, that tends to be the way the contest swings these days.

  1. or a…circle piano?  

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