First Listen: FYR Macedonia Reveals Kaliopi’s “Dona”

Can Kaliopi bring FYR Macedonia back to the Eurovision finals with “Dona”?

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has a bit of bad luck when it comes to Eurovision entries.  Aside from 2012, no entry from the past eight years I’ve been watching has made it to the final stage.  I’d say that it has nothing to do with the entries they send, but it has a lot to do with the entries they send.  Macedonia seems to find new and interesting ways to trip over their own feet right before their semi-final and place themselves out of the running.  On the plus side, their entrant this year, Kaliopi, is their last entrant that made it to the finals in 2012.  Does she have what it takes to make it again in 2016 with “Dona”?

I wish this song had the same power as Kaliopi’s last Eurovision entry, “Crno y Belo”.  That song had an energy and punch to it that “Dona” lacks.  It’s still a lovely song, but if there’s too many ballads in its semifinal, I see this getting washed out amongst the pack.  Judging by the 2012 performance and this official video, I’d expect a pretty straightforward stage performance, which won’t necessarily give this the extra oomph it needs to stand out amongst its competitors.

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