First Listen: Greece Sends Argo’s “Utopian Land” to Stockholm

argo Argo (photo: Beetroot Design/Costas Pappas)

Is Argo’s “Utopian Land” the ideal choice for Greece to send to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Greece is always an inevitable qualifier to the Eurovision finals, whether their entry deserves to get there or not.  This can be fine when they send a fun entry, but can be intolerable when they’re a bit dour and sending something overly serious.  Last year’s entry, “One Last Breath”, was pitchy and overdone, and for once looked like Greece might not qualify for the final night’s contest.  How does this year’s entry, Argo’s “Utopian Land”, fare?

Dour Greece is back, you guys.  Argo’s song, despite the nice beat, is kind of a slog and feels (oddly enough) like an Ace of Base B-Side.  And I don’t mean that in a positive way.  Without a performance video, I have no idea what to expect on stage in Stockholm, but it’ll probably be a little closer to “Watch My Dance” than “Rise Up”.  I like the national flavor in the instrumentation, but I can’t say I’m excited to see this in the final based on sound alone.

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