First Listen: “If Love Was a Crime” Would Bulgaria be Guilty?

After a two year break, Bulgaria returns to Eurovision with Contest veteran Poli Genova and the radio-friendly track “If Love Was a Crime.”

Bulgaria’s back to Eurovision, y’all! And so is 2011 alum Poli Genova, whose entry “Na Inat” way back when was one of my favorites from that year even though it didn’t stand a chance.1 As for 2016, Bulgaria is being rather strategic with the song “If Love Was a Crime”:

Let’s outline the strategy. First, Bulgaria is riding the momentum of hosting last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest by having Poli Genova, who hosted the event, be the representative. There was some speculation that she might have used an extended version of her interval performance song “Where is My Dress” as her entry, but that would have been a misfire. Genova is more of a known quantity now than she was five years ago, which may help with getting viewer votes.

Second, Bulgaria took their time in this selection, and it shows. Not only was the country the last to present their song choice, the video and production of the track are fully realized. I’ll be curious to hear how the intro sounds will play live — will the EBU consider it something that has to be vocalized or can it be a part of the backing track? Other than that one piece, this track isn’t as over-produced as some other entries.

Can this be the entry that will get Bulgaria to the Eurovision final for a second time? Please?

  1. Seriously, 2011 was an awesome Contest.  
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