Eurovision 2016 Entry: Switzerland — Rykka — The Last of Our Kind

Switzerland finished in absolute last place in 2015's Eurovision Song Contest. Will "The Last of Our Kind" by Rykka bring about a better outcome?

Rykka will represent Switzerland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden (Photo: Lukas Mäder / SRF) Rykka will represent Switzerland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden (Photo: Lukas Mäder / SRF)

Country: Switzerland
Song Title: “The Last of Our Kind”
Artist: Rykka
Second Semi-Final: Position #3
Last year’s entry: “Time to Shine” – Melanie Rene (DNQ – 17th Place, SF2, Absolute Last Place)

The second semi-final has shaped up to be the tougher of the two for bubble entries to advance to the Eurovision Song Contest. Switzerland’s entry “The Last of Our Kind” by Rykka will be one of those entries slugging it out for a chance to advance:

First off, it’s a disservice to everyone involved that the above video has the studio version of the song dubbed over Rykka’s actual performance.1 That performance was rocky and if Switzerland can’t be arsed to put together a real music video (or use the one from their submission process), that should be put on display.

These preferences aside, Switzerland is going to have a very difficult time advancing. The second semi-final is chock full of solo female singers — ten to be exact, counting Rykka. Her voice is not the strongest of that group, which means the song will need to help in convincing televoters and juries to vote for Switzerland. Unfortunately, the song hasn’t improved over time and still doesn’t really go anywhere.

That leaves the stage performance as the only way to stand out. Again, the song does not lend itself to anything more dynamic than what we saw in Switzerland’s national final. Also, if Rykka’s vocals have not improved significantly, moving around the stage will not be to her benefit. I’m not sure if there is anything that can be done to salvage this entry.

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final
May 12, 2016

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  1. Don’t believe me? The original performance is here.  

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  • When this song first came out I thought “meh, it’s not great.” I guess I wasn’t paying attention, because that live performance is stiff with really bad vocals, and “meh” doesn’t accurately describe it.

    Also, what is it with countries this year slapping studio vocals over live performance video? San Marino is the most egregious example, but also Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, and probably others I’m not pulling off the top of my head have done the exact same thing.

    • Maybe they’re trying to eliminate audience noise? I’m giving San Marino a pass since they changed their arrangement just before the video deadline and the new audio wouldn’t have worked with the tam o’monocle video.

      • Sure, or perhaps it’s about cost. Throwing a studio recording (which they had to make) over a live performance video has to be a TON cheaper than producing a whole new video. Since both performances are sung to the exact same audio track, it wouldn’t even be hard to line up the timing.

  • I want to dislike this one more than I should. The studio recording taps into the whole CHVRCHES-lite thing that’s going on in pop right now, and it actually sounds like the type of song you’d hear over the end credits of a movie (which could be a dig – I’m honestly not sure).

    Performance and staging seem likely to sink this one, though.