Eurovision 2016 Entry – Israel – Hovi Star – Made of Stars

Will Israel’s Rising Star Hovi Star be a Eurovision star in Stockholm with “Made of Stars?” #Star

Country: Israel
Song Title: “Made of Stars”
Artist: Hovi Star
Second Semi-Final: Position #4
Last year’s entry: “Golden Boy” – Nadav Guedj (9th Place)

I know I don’t have much influence when it comes to revising Eurovision entries, but I do tend to feel a sense of pride when an entry gets reworked in a way that matches my suggestions. Case in point: Hovi Star revamping “Made of Stars” to make it more pop relevant and less Eurovision-y:

Although this song doesn’t quite scratch my itch of being distinctly Israeli, I do find the revamped version to be less generic than what came out of Rising Star. I think this arrangement is a better showcase of Hovi Star’s vocals while including whispers of Adele’s aesthetic mixed with pacing reminiscent of “Molitva.”1 Australia’s entry comes close to achieving the same style, but perhaps this is a sea change in the Contest in terms of ballad construction.

As for the rest of the competition in the second semi-final, Israel is in a good spot. Hovi Star will follow Switzerland’s Rykka and precede IVAN from Belarus, and there is a clear winner in that group when it comes to vocals.2 Stage presence and performance will be more of a challenge. The first two-thirds of the song doesn’t lend itself to a lot of physical movement and will probably rely heavily on lighting and display effects. There will need to be clever restraint in staging to maintain a contrast with whatever, um, “creativity” Belarus has in store for us.

I could see “Made of Stars” being a favorite for the juries. Hopefully the televoters will agree that the Eurovision final should be, in part, made of Hovi Star.

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final
May 12, 2016

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  1. seriously: “We are maaaaade of stars” is very similar to “Moooooooliiitva”  
  2. Advantage: Israel.  
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