Eurovision 2016 Entry: Poland — Michał Szpak — Color Of Your Life

After last year’s theme song for a WB show, Poland has opted for a “bad 80s soundtrack” aesthetic. Will it carry them back to the Grand Final?

Country: Poland
Song Title: “Color Of Your Life”
Artist: Michał Szpak
Second Semi-Final: Position #2
Last year’s entry:In The Name Of Love” – Monika Kuszyńska (23rd Place)

Poland has an uneven history at the Eurovision Song Contest. After finishing second in their first appearance in 1994, they’ve finished in the top ten only one other time, have failed to qualify for the grand Final on six occasions, and have chosen not to compete at all several other times. After a strong showing in 2014 followed by a stinker in 2015, how will Poland do this year in Stockholm?

Like many other countries, Poland has made no changes (that we know of) to their entry in the last few weeks. To be honest, I’m not sure there’s much they could do with this song to make it substantially better. If the Eurovision Song Contest was a bad ’80s movie, “Color Of Your Life” would be the soundtrack for a montage of a couple’s longing for each other, or something equally melodramatic, and it would be the A-side of a cassette (with Switzerland on the B-side). In fact, that’s exactly the order we’re going to get on May 12th!1 Latvia will open the second semifinal, followed by Poland, Switzerland, and Israel. Three of those four performances feature strong male leads. I think Latvia and Israel will make bigger impressions, which could leave Poland on the bubble.

That said: this country has a ton of friends voting in this semifinal. Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, and the Ukraine have long been good friends to the Polish2. Even if I don’t care for this song, it’s also held onto steady 33:1 odds over the last several weeks. That combination means I’m willing to accept the fact that Poland will probably show up in the Grand Final next month. On the upside? “Color Of Your Life” has the rare distinction of having not one but TWO key changes in the last ~30 seconds. It deserves (and will likely get) a little recognition, if not a top-ten finish, just for that.

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final
May 12, 2016

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  1. I swear to you, I wrote that before I checked the performance order for this semifinal.  
  2. At least when it comes to Eurovision…  
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