2016 Rehearsals Day 4: Slovenia through Belgium

The second Eurovision semi final completed its first round of rehearsals Thursday in Stockholm, Sweden.

The eight acts rounding out the second semi final had their first stage rehearsals Thursday. From the looks of it, there is an upward progression of energy as we work toward next Thursday’s big show.

Here are first impressions from Thursday’s rehearsals:


SLOVENIA! Okay, this song has really grown on me in the last month or so. I appreciate that they seem to be making lemonade out of lemons, considering this has zero momentum or support out there.


Get it, girl! It’s about time that we have a singer who is not just standing in place while using the full technology of the stage provided.


At least Lighthouse X isn’t wearing beige?


Ukraine is currently leading the press poll out of Stockholm, which has me curious as to what the rest of the performance looks like. There was not much going on in this snippet to generate that kind of response.


My favorite part of this clip is how we don’t have Agnete explaining how this song is about love/dreams/miracles/Eurovision. The performance looks fairly similar to the Norwegian final.


This is low energy compared to what I was hoping for, but perhaps the breakdown at the end will feature more rocking out.


I wonder if there is a more elaborate costume in the works, as the music video would have had us to expect.


More like this for 2017, please. I am so looking forward to the full performance for this one.

Friday will feature a full runthrough of the first semi final as well as the first rehearsals for France and Spain.

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