Poland’s “Flashlight” Needs Some Batteries

Kasia Mos’ “Flashlight” needs some energy if it’s going to qualify Poland for the 2017 Eurovision finals.

Poland managed to surprise me last year when their ballad “Color of Your Life” went all the way to 8th place.  I thought it was overdone and sort of Eurovision-by-the-Numbers, but that stuff tends to be template because it works, nevermind if the visual presentation accompanying it reminds you if Color Me Badd shopped Prince’s garage sale at the end of the day when everything good’s been picked over.  So it makes sense that this year’s entry, Kasia Mos’ “Flashlight” is trying to return to that same well:

My first impression of this song isn’t that great – Kasia is really oversinging everything, and the whole song and performance is a bit of an overwrought downer.  There’s some sort of metaphor about a flashlight in here, but it’s not really clear and the lyrics seems to be mostly concerned with internal rhyme rather than a chorus.  This needs some oomph – they’re clearly shooting for drama, but this just isn’t bringing it.

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