Will the Eurovision Final have “Space” for Montenegro?

Slavko Kalezic’s entry for Montenegro at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is…um…what?

Aside from Moldova, Montenegro may secretly be one of my favorite Eurovision entrants. Marching to the weird, off-key beat of their own drum, they’ve gladly paraded some of the most unique entrants to the Contest since rejoining in 20121. After a few years of chasing the mainstream, Montenegro seems poised to give us something meme-worthy again in Kyiv this year with Slavko Kalezic’s “Space”:

Every time I watch this video my brain shuts down for 3 minutes because it can’t process everything that’s going on here. I think what surprises me about this is that it somehow transcends what could quickly become “Elektronik Supersonik” if it’s not the careful and gives a half-decent disco chorus. I can’t make heads or tails of the lyrics or if they make any sort of sense, but this is Eurovision, so that’s secondary at best, anyways.

This is Montenegro’s usual weird thing (and bless them for this, honestly), so I can’t tell if they’ll be enough of a novelty to take this to the final, but all I ask for the performance in Kyiv is that it captures as much of the WTF nature of this video in a live setting. Don’t let me down, Slavko.

  1. except for the two years where they sent mainstream ballads and actually made the finals, but those entries weren’t fun like the rest were  
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