Azerbaijan’s “Skeletons” Are Here to Party

Or perhaps to take your lungs, but either way you’ll enjoy yourself.

In Azerbaijan’s first six appearances at Eurovision, it seemed they could do no wrong. Five top-five results, including one win and one runner-up, gave way to a finish near the bottom in 2014. Since then they’ve somewhat recovered, but not to top-ten form. Is “Skeletons” the song that can get the Azeris back to the top of the standings?


There is so much to like about this entry! I have been on board since the opening bass chord, which does such a great job of drawing attention and setting the tone, and to which I verbally responded “YESSSSSSS.” This is probably what it would look like if Stranger Things and Eurovision had a baby together, and I am completely here for it, even if I’m not entirely sure what it’s about.1 The aesthetic manages to be both slick and grimy, which sounds like a terrible combination, but somehow Azerbaijan is pulling it off.

Sonically I have no improvements or suggestions to make, but visually speaking, I’m gonna need some awesome Thriller-type costumes or holograms. What I do NOT want is a typical “band stands around and fake-plays instruments” kind of staging. Dihaj is an electronic music trio, and while I totally understand wanting to have everyone present onstage, I want more from this entry. I think I’ll get it, too — even when Azerbaijan hasn’t been great, they’ve been sparkly and well-produced. Look for this one to land Azerbaijan back near the top in Kyiv.

  1. What are thorn jeans and how does one become surrounded by them?  
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