Bulgaria’s “Beautiful Mess” a Beautiful Surprise

Kristian Kostov’s entry for Bulgaria at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is anything but a “Mess”

After the rough time they had in the contest towards the second half of the 2000s, I was happy to see Bulgaria back in the competition at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and even happier that they sent a banger like Poli Genova’s “If Love Was A Crime” to end up in 4th place. Does this year’s entry, Kristian Kostov’s “Beautiful Mess”, have what it takes to keep that momentum up?

My first impressions of this song were just okay (as I was hoping for something a little more uptempo like last year’s entry), but as far as the ballads in this year’s competition goes, this one really keeps growing on me. There’s a modern flair to the backing track that really reflects what’s going on in pop music right now, and everything neatly wraps up in the 3 minutes they’re allotted (unlike some of the entries this year that just abruptly stop).

I don’t have any live footage of Kristian performing to compare against, but if it’s close to this recording, I think Bulgaria has another trip to the finals in their future. It’ll be up to the people (and the juries) to get them to #1, though.

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