Eurovision 2017 Entry: Moldova — SunStroke Project — Hey Mamma

SunStroke Project will represent Moldova at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo: TRM) SunStroke Project will represent Moldova at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo: TRM)

Will Epic Sax Guy be able to get Moldova its first trip to the Eurovision Grand Final in four years?

Country: Moldova
Song Title: “Hey Mamma”
Artist: SunStroke Project
First Semi-Final: Position 12
Last year’s entry: “Falling Stars” – Lidia Isac (DNQ – 17th Place, SF1)

Moldova has been lost for the last few years at Eurovision. Either the songs are a misfire (2014’s entry, which Ryan still disavows) or end up with a bad draw in the running order (2015’s pyrotechnic stripper cops opening up that year’s first semi-final). Perhaps sending an act that has made it to the Grand Final before — and became an instant gif sensation — will pull the former SSR out of its slump?

I will almost always root for Moldova, but I have to admit I think this song may be on the bubble. The song has been placed in position 12, so it’s pretty much in the middle of the running order between Poland (eh) and Iceland (eh). While neither of those songs should overshadow “Hey Mamma”, I don’t think they necessarily complement the track.

This track is also interesting in that the instrumentation is minimal to the point that this song is almost a capella. The saxophone is the most prominent instrument, and will probably be heavily featured in the performance.1 However, we have grown so used to Moldova being bombastic in their songs and presentation, I have to wonder if SunStroke Project will be able to realign our expectations.

Although the first semi-final this year has a strong field, most of the power players are in the first half. This could be Moldova’s saving grace, as a memorable performance could be enough to carry SunStroke Project through with televoters. We’ve got our fingers crossed for ya!

Eurovision Song Contest First Semi-Final
May 9, 2017

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  1. Running man or GTFO.  

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