Eurovision 2017 Entry: Norway — JOWST — Grab the Moment

Will Norway’s JOWST “kill kill kill kill kill” it in Kyiv?

Country: Norway
Song Title: “Grab the Moment”
Artist: JOWST
Second Semi-Final: Position #12
Last year’s entry: “Icebreaker” – Agnete (DNQ – 13th Place, SF2)

Norway was spoiled for choice in their national selection process this year, but landing on “Grab the Moment” by JOWST may be one of the boldest moves at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest:

I think Ben hit it on the head that this track should go over really well with televoters. Not only are there multiple hooks that are super catchy, a song like this has been noticeably absent from the Contest. The lyric construction reminds me of the Script, with the overall song reminding me of their track “Hall of Fame.” What I appreciate is that I am reminded of the track, rather than imagining JOWST’s efforts as a retread. This track has charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.1 It would be a major surprise if juries were unmoved by this track.

Ben raised the concern about how “Grab the Moment” will be performed live, particularly with the vocal sampling. I don’t think that will be a significant roadblock–the video performance above looks like a final draft of what we could expect to see in Kyiv. Backup singers could help with the vocal sampling effects and layers. A few tweaks to the staging would be nice just so the performances2 aren’t a carbon copy of what we’ve already seen, but that certainly isn’t required. This is one of the entries I am most looking forward to see on stage.

After getting shut out last year, Scandinavia is back with a vengeance. I strongly suspect Norway is going to “kill kill kill kill kill” it in Kyiv.

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final
May 11, 2017

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  1. Though somehow manages to avoid being dragtastic.  
  2. That’s right, plural. This is going to the Grand Final.  
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