Eurovision 2017 Entry: Spain – Manel Navarro – Do It for Your Lover

Manel Navarro’s “Do It For Your Lover” seems tailor-made to graze the bottom of the Eurovision final standings.

Country: Spain
Song Title: “Do It For Your Lover”
Artist: Manel Navarro
Last year’s entry: “Say Yay!” – Barei (22nd Place)

Spain’s been having a rough go of it in the Eurovision Song Contest lately1. Last year’s entry, the sprightly “Say Yay!” be Barei, was scraping the bottom in 22nd place out of 26. Before that, their highest final placements had been in 2012 (“Quedate Conmigo”) and 2014 (Ruth Lorenzo’s “Dancing In The Rain”). That 2014 entry seems to be the standard template for Spain these days – verses in Spanish, chorus in English. Looking at this year’s entry, Manel Navarro’s “Do It For Your Lover”, they may have boiled that down a little too far:

Y’all? This is an excellent song to play in the background of Sandals’ ad for their new resort in Majorca, but it’s not a great Eurovision song. The chorus is slightly over 5 words, and the chill vibe is a nice break from the usual Eurovision balladry, but I fear it drifts a little too off course from what constitutes a successful entry. This seems tailor-made to get lost in the spectacle and shuffle of far grander entries and performances.

If there’s one saving grace here, it’s that there seem to be far blander entries in the Big 5 to prevent this from landing at the very bottom this year. I can totally see France, Germany, and Spain duking it out for that very bottom position with this year’s submissions, but I think Spain may come out the furthest from the bottom – this seems like the sort of thing that will resonate more with the televoters.

Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final
May 13, 2017

FranceGermanyItalySpainUkraine • United Kingdom

  1. along with the rest of the Big 5, which seems to be a recurring pattern here in this week’s Eurovision content  
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