#19: Eurovision Drag Race

Happy pride! The Eurovision off season can be a drag, so let’s talk about drag at Eurovision!

First up, we check in with how Eurovision 2019 prep is going. Short version: it’s been three weeks; cool yer beans. There have been a couple of Eurovision sightings in the US, including “Toy” in Times Square and San Marino(?) on the Billboard Charts(????).

As for the main topic, Ben and Mike take a tour of Eurovision’s surprisingly brief drag history. Are there really only five entries? And where are the drag kings and other ways to play with gender? Join us as we spill allllll the tea.

Episode Summary

  • News (1:02)
  • Drag at Eurovision (12:59)
  • Drag at the National Finals (33:23)
  • Next time on the EuroWhat? (40:01)




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About the Author
We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.