#21: Putting the US in E_rovi_ion

Happy 4th of July! In honor of America’s birthday, special guest Maura Johnston joins us to discuss the prospect of the US competing at Eurovision. Could we? Should we? If we somehow got an invite, who should represent whatever our sound is?

After introducing our guest, we catch up on some listener feedback and check in with Israel’s status as Eurovision 2019 host. We also start filling out our dream cast for Will Ferrell’s potential Eurovision project for Netflix.

For our main topic, we go over all the criteria to be a fully eligible member of the EBU and Eurovision festivities. Even though the US will never meet the current eligibility requirements, we speculate on who could possibly fly the flag at Eurovision. Is American pop in 2018 too egocentric? Are there any stars who are big enough (but not too big) to compete? And just how many failed talent shows have we watched over the last two decades?1

Will there be fireworks in this debate? Download this week’s episode!

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  1. A lot… like… a lot a lot.  
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