#24: Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest

Israel has had a fascinating history at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now that they will be hosting the 2019 edition, we’ve invited Noam Roth from EuroFreak to talk about his country’s participation.

Now that the budget kerfuffle is behind us and Israel’s broadcaster has paid its deposit to the EBU, we can officially start talking about the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest! Noam Roth—who reached out to us on our Facebook page—joins us this week to be a tour guide through Israel’s 45 years of participation at Eurovision.

Along with the past, we look toward the future in terms of evaluating possible host cities Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Eilat. Will the chart-topping success of Netta’s “Toy” bring a new sound to the 2019 Contest? And will the tweaks made to Israel’s selection format for next year’s artist and song continue the hot streak the country has experienced?

Israel’s Notable Entries



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We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.