#25: Planning Your Eurovision Vacation

We know the Eurovision Song Contest will be in Israel1 in May, so now is the perfect time to start planning your vacation!

First, Mike and Ben go over some of the news items from the last couple weeks. Will there be boycotts of the 2019 Contest? Denmark doesn’t think so, while Estonia and Spain are full speed ahead on their Eurovision plans. America’s Got Sweden’s rig from this year’s Melfest while Madame Monsieur met their song’s namesake. Also: ninjas. VIP ninjas.

After playing catchup, we offer our advice on how to make your way across the pond to attend next year’s Eurovision. Do you have your passport yet? How can you get to Europe/Israel and back on the cheap? Where should I stay? HOW DO I PAY FOR THIS?!

Don’t panic. Place your carryon in the overhead bin and listen to this week’s episode of the EuroWhat to get a head start on your European vacation.

Episode Summary

  • Eurovision in the Wild (0:00)
  • Getting Your Passport (12:01)
  • Getting to Europe and Beyond (14:54)
  • Options on Where to Stay (23:49)
  • How to Save Up for a European Vacation (29:16)
  • A few more things to consider (34:47)



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  1. Maybe Tel Aviv, maybe Jerusalem  
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We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.