#29: Start Voting Now

How does the voting process work at Eurovision? If you think it’s confusing now, the history of voting at the Contest has many surprises.

With mid-term elections happening this week in the US, we wanted to talk about how voting works when the consequences aren’t as… consequential. One can dream, right?

Speaking of, we discuss next year’s slogan “Dare to Dream” as well as other preparations currently taking place in Tel Aviv. If you’re planning on going to the Contest, you may need to pack some Dramamine if you haven’t booked your hotel yet.

There is some good news: the stage will be designed by a firm very familiar with Eurovision and other high profile music events, including the X Factor. We check in with how Brendan Murray is doing on the UK edition. … Um… Dare to Dream…

Finally, we dive into the history of all the different methods used to distribute points at the Eurovision Song Contest. Point pools, age-defined juries, and potential 14-way ties are just some of the quirks that used to be part of the competition. We also explore how ties factor into the festivities.

United States, start learning about Eurovision voting now!

Episode Summary

  • Dare to Dream and other preparations (1:22)
  • The Ex-Eurovision Contestant Factor (8:23)
  • This week in boycotts (13:10)
  • Voting at the Eurovision Song Contest (1956-1974) (14:39)
  • The Usual Way (1975-2015) (20:05)
  • The Current Method (2016-Present) (25:30)
  • Tie-Breakers (30:30)



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    We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.