#30: Dustin the Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re talking turkey this week and that means either the country or Ireland’s Dustin the Turkey. Guess what we chose.

Before we gobble up our main topic of Dustin the Turkey, we check in with how Eurovision planning is going in Tel Aviv. We have our final count of participants—42!—and an indication that tickets for the Contest could be up for grabs next month. We also recommend booking your lodging now if you are planning on going, otherwise you may find yourself camping in the suburbs of Tel Aviv.

Our favorite scrivener Jan Ola Sand is the star of This Week in Boycotts and he is not here for your political shenanigans. He’s also most likely not a fan of being in a segment called This Week in Boycotts. Meanwhile on the X Factor UK, Brendan Murray is not a fan of the themes of movies or big bands when it comes to song selections. Will he be a fan of ABBA in next week’s semi-final?

Also, Junior Eurovision is a thing.

As for our main topic, we travel back to 2008 when the people of Ireland decided that they should be represented at Eurovision by a somewhat surly puppet named Dustin the Turkey. His song “Irelande Douze Points” may live in infamy, but was it a good Eurovision entry?

Gather the family, scoop up some Irish stew (or goulash if you prefer), and enjoy this week’s episode!

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