#73: Boys!

Will Albania and Bulgaria be the only countries sending ladies to Eurovision this year?

Didrik and Emil stand on stage at Norway's Melodi Grand Prix semi-final Didrik and Emil perform "Out of Air" at Norway's Melodi Grand Prix (Photo: NRK)

We have an avalanche of Eurovision news this week, including two new artist selections, a bunch of songs, and Billie Eilish?

Episode Summary

  • Martin Österdahl named Eurovision Executive Supervisor (1:25)
  • Jon Ola Sand discusses the US at Eurovision (3:24)
  • Artist announcements: Tom Leeb for France, Vasil Garvanliev for North Macedonia (6:35)
  • Song drops: Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Moldova, Finland (9:08)
  • Norway Melodi Grand Prix Week 2 (19:00)
  • Lithuania Pabandom iš naujo! Week 2 (26:25)



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