#80: This is Fine

We made it through the end of Eurovision Selection Season! Well, the competitions in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Portugal, at least.

Episode Summary

  • Eurovision in the Wild: Geeky Podcasters Edition (1:07)
  • Coronavirus shenanigans (2:48)
  • Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani tells Western Europe to “Take Me As I Am” (5:30)
  • Eden represents Israel and Ethiopia with “Feker Libi” (8:46)
  • Netherlands adds to the “Grow”-ing field with Jeangu Macrooy (11:03)
  • Gjon’s Tears shed for Switzerland with “Repondez-moi” (14:29)
  • Denmark says “YES” to Ben and Tan (18:53)
  • The Mamas make a “Move” for Sweden (23:58)
  • “Looking Back” at Aksel’s UMK win in Finland (29:18)
  • Portugal chooses Elisa’s “Medo de Sentir” (34:37)



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About the Author
We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.