Anja Nissen will represent Denmark at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: DR)

“Where I Am” with Denmark’s Choice of Anja Nissen for Kyiv

Anja Nissen’s second attempt to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest is a strong performance.

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Poli Genova rehearses for Bulgaria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Andres Putting)

2016 Rehearsals Day 6: Germany, Italy, the UK, and SF2

Saturday’s rehearsals gave us our first glimpse at the remaining automatic qualifiers, as eighteen countries solidified their plans for the second semifinal next Thursday.

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Ukraine's Jamala rehearses in Stockholm for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Andres Putting)

2016 Rehearsals Day 4: Slovenia through Belgium

The second Eurovision semi final completed its first round of rehearsals Thursday in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Eurovision 2016 Entry: Denmark — Lighthouse X — “Soldiers of Love”

Do Lighthouse X have what it takes to fight for the Eurovision final with “Soldiers of Love”?

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First Listen: Denmark Equips Its “Soldiers of Love”

Are Lighthouse X well-equipped to represent Denmark in Stockholm with “Soldiers of Love”?

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: Denmark — Anti Social Media — The Way You Are

Is Copenhagen ready for another Eurovision, or is Anti Social Media still a little too now to win?

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First Listen: Denmark sends “The Way You Are” to Eurovision

While Anti Social Media’s “The Way You Are” was the strongest entry in a weak field, is Denmark pulling its punches for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

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Eurovision 2014 Entry: Denmark — Basim — Cliché Love Song

Host country Denmark will attempt to earn another Eurovision victory with “Cliché Love Song” by Basim. Will its prime position in the Final push the song over the top?

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Eurovision 2014: Georgia — The Shin and Mariko — 3 Minutes to Earth

Rainbows! Togetherness! Outer Space! The only thing The Shin and Mariko’s Eurovision entry for Georgia doesn’t have is cohesion.

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Eurovision First Listen: Basim Keeps Denmark Anything But “Cliché”

Denmark, this year’s Eurovision host country, has selected their entry. Are they crazy enough to go for a second consecutive contest win?

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