Manel Navarro was selected to represent Spain at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with "Do It for Your Lover." (Photo: Manel Navarro Facebook Page)

Spain’s Controversial “Do It For Your Lover”

Eurovision selection season lacked drama until this past Saturday, when Spain’s selection of “Do It for Your Lover” caused all sorts of controversy.

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2016 Rehearsals Day 5: SF1, France, and Spain

Friday provided a clearer separation of the wheat from the chaff as all eighteen performers from Semifinal 1 took to the Eurovision stage for their second rehearsals.

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Barei will represent Spain at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. (Photo: Phelia Barouh)

Eurovision 2016 Entry: Spain — Barei — Say Yay!

In which Barei tries to dance Spain to a respectable finish in Stockholm.

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Barei will represent Spain in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. (Photo: Facebook)

First Listen: Spain Hopes You Will “Say Yay”

After Edurne’s disappointing finish in 2015, Spain returned to a national final in the hopes of finding a crowd favorite for Stockholm. Will Barei inspire fans to say yay or meh?

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: Spain — Edurne — Amanecer

Is Spain even trying to win the Eurovision Song Contest with Edurne’s “Amanacer”?

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First Listen: Spain Releases Then Un-Releases “Amanecer”

Good luck finding a copy of this song through the usual channels!

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Eurovision 2014 Entry: France — TWIN TWIN — Moustache

France’s super-catchy “Moustache” by TWIN TWIN brings the party to Denmark. Will the Eurovision audience let its score grow or will points get shaved off?

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Eurovision 2014 Entry: Spain — Ruth Lorenzo — Dancing in the Rain

Spain has an engaging entry to the Eurovision Song Contest with “Dancing in the Rain” by Ruth Lorenzo. Will this song get the country out of its Contest slump?

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Eurovision First Listen: Ruth Lorenzo’s “Dancing in the Rain” to Represent Spain

Spain has chosen their performer for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Will Europe be up for “Dancing in the Rain” with Ruth Lorenzo?

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