Jamie-Lee Kriewitz represented Germany in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. (Photo: NDR)

This Week in Eurovision: Switzerland, Italy, and Germany Choose

It’s the first full week of February, which means that Eurovision Selection Season is full speed ahead. Here’s what’s happening the week of February 5, 2017.

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Poli Genova rehearses for Bulgaria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Andres Putting)

2016 Rehearsals Day 6: Germany, Italy, the UK, and SF2

Saturday’s rehearsals gave us our first glimpse at the remaining automatic qualifiers, as eighteen countries solidified their plans for the second semifinal next Thursday.

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2016 Rehearsals Day 3: Latvia through Australia

The first 10 acts from the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest got a chance to rehearse on stage Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Rykka will represent Switzerland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden (Photo: Lukas Mäder / SRF)

Eurovision 2016 Entry: Switzerland — Rykka — The Last of Our Kind

Switzerland finished in absolute last place in 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest. Will “The Last of Our Kind” by Rykka bring about a better outcome?

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Rykka won Switzerland's ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. (Photo: SRF)

First Listen: Switzerland sends “The Last of Our Kind” to Stockholm

Did Switzerland make the best choice by selecting Rykka’s “The Last of Our Kind” for its 2016 Eurovision Song Contest entry?

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Eurovision 2015 Entry: Switzerland — Melanie Rene — Time to Shine

Is it Switzerland’s “Time to Shine” at the Eurovision Song Contest? Melanie Rene’s entry tip-toes on the edge of success.

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Eurovision First Listen: Switzerland “Time to Shine”

Switzerland’s Mélanie René is arguing it’s her “Time to Shine” on the Eurovision stage – will the rest of Europe agree with her?

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Eurovision 2014: Greece — Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd — Rise Up

Greece seems guaranteed to “Rise Up” in the second semifinal – how high will Freaky Fortune fly in the Eurovision finals?

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Eurovision 2014: Switzerland — SeBAlter — Hunter of Stars

Sebalter’s “Hunter of Stars” will represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest. Can he whistle his way out of the second semi-final?

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Eurovision First Listen: SeBAlter reps Switzerland with “Hunter of Stars”

Switzerland continues to stick with what isn’t working in its Eurovision Song Contest selections. SeBAlter’s “Hunter of Stars” continues the trend of middle-of-the-road blandness.

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