Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Israel will be hosting the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest

Israel will be hosting the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest

Tel Aviv, Israel will host Eurovision 2019

Israel has won the right to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 following the win of Netta’s “Toy” in Lisbon, Portugal. Tel Aviv Convention Center will welcome guests from around the world for the event. The semi-finals will take place Tuesday, May 14 and Thursday, May 16. The Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be held Saturday, May 18.

Participating Countries

This list contains the countries that have indicated their intention to participate in the Contest. Participants will select their entries via several different methods:

  • Internal Selection: The broadcaster will select the act and/or the song. The Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, and Austria have used the method the last several years.
  • National Final: The broadcaster will hold a one-off competition to determine their act and/or song. Denmark, Norway, and Germany use this method frequently. Australia will use this method for 2019.
  • Festival: The broadcaster will hold a slightly longer competition, usually with one or two semi-finals and a grand final. Sometimes the competition will take place over the course of a week (Italy’s Sanremo or Albania’s Festivali i Këngës) or over a couple of weekends (Portugal’s Festival da Cancão or Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin).
  • Selection Series: The broadcaster will hold a long-form competition to determine their artist and/or song, usually with multiple rounds of winnowing down options. Hungary’s A Dal, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, and Armenia’s Depi Evratesil fall into this category.
  • Hybrid: A broadcaster may use one method to determine their artist and another method to select their song. Israel uses HaKokhav HaBa (Rising Star) to select their artist but choose the song internally. In 2018, Finland selected Saara Aalto as their artist, but used the national final UMK to have the public choose her song.

The submission deadline for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be March 11.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Participants

CountryArtistSelection Date
AlbaniaDecember 22
AustraliaFebruary 9
CroatiaFebruary 16
Czech RepublicJanuary
DenmarkFebruary 23
EstoniaFebruary 16
FinlandMarch 2
FYR Macedonia
GeorgiaMarch 2
HungaryFebruary 23
IcelandMarch 2
IsraelJanuary (Artist)
ItalyFebruary 9
LithuaniaFebruary 23
MaltaJanuary 26 (Artist)
NorwayMarch 2
San Marino
SwedenMarch 9
UkraineFebruary 23
United KingdomFebruary
These are the 42 countries who have indicated they will participate in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel. This list may change through the end of 2018, as countries may change their mind without financial penalty through December. Last updated December 4, 2018.