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We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision First Listen: Is Tanja “Amazing” Enough for Estonia?

It’s more upbeat than last year’s entry, but is this year’s Estonian entry too much of a copycat?

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Eurovision First Listen: Vilija Matačiūnaitė and Lithuania Want Your “Attention”

Lithuania’s choice of “Attention” by Vilija Matačiūnaitė is another example of the skill the country has at modernizing non-contemporary tracks for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Eurovision First Listen: Poland returns with “My Słowianie”

After a two-year hiatus, Poland returns to the Eurovision Song Contest with the viral sensation “My Słowianie (Slavic Girls)” by Donatan and Cleo. Can this hip hop influenced dance track turn around Poland’s luck?

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Eurovision First Listen: Ruth Lorenzo’s “Dancing in the Rain” to Represent Spain

Spain has chosen their performer for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.  Will Europe be up for “Dancing in the Rain” with Ruth Lorenzo?

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Eurovision First Listen: Arazemnieki has a “Cake To Bake” for Latvia

Latvia’s Arazemnieki is bringing more pop-folk flavor to Copenhagen with their song “Cake to Bake”.  Will it rise or fall flat come Semifinal 1?

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Eurovision First Listen: Hungary sends Kállay-Saunders’ “Running” to Copenhagen

After sending the more sedate ByeAlex to the Contest last year, Hungary picked Kállay-Saunders to represent them in Copenhagen.  Will “Running” keep them in the running for the prize this year?

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