About Us

telESCope began as a sub-section of What Else is On where we generally geeked out about the Eurovision Song Contest. After a couple of years of mixing coverage of a European endeavor with the best(?) American TV had to offer, we wanted to do a deeper dive in what we found exciting in television.

Spoiler Policy

Here’s the deal: you are responsible for not allowing yourself to be spoiled. Since most of the content we cover involves live broadcasts taking place at least five time zones away, there’s only so much buffer that can be reasonably accommodated. Here are some tips on how to cope:

  • Schedule your life around the content you don’t want spoiled.
  • If that doesn’t work, avoid social media both during and for a few hours after that content debuts.
  • … deal with it? You’re an adult (probably).

Comments Policy

We would love to hear what you have to say about any given post. The comments are moderated to keep the conversation on-topic and eliminate spam. We’re not into censorship or stifling debate, but we’re also not into adding to the toxicity of the interwebs. Remember, Eurovision is not a political contest… no, but seriously, don’t be a jerk.


Questions about the site? Tech issues? Bequests? Our main e-mail is contact@whatelseison.tv. Please limit marriage proposals to one per week.