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Ryan Brazell, Mike McComb, and Ben Smith launched The EuroWhat? Podcast in 2018 with the goal of trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest for an American audience. Each episode takes a deep dive into the song competition’s slate of entries, connecting their performances with other aspects of pop culture, history, politics, and how well the various folk musical traditions pair with dubstep beats. The podcast has cracked the iTunes charts in more than 10 countries, much to the whole team’s confused delight. The podcast is available at or through your favorite podcast app.

Mike McComb
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Mike has been writing about TV online since 2008, when he started the blog WTF Little House on the Prairie? The blog was a project to practice writing about television analytically prior to getting an MA in Television-Radio-Film from Syracuse University, or as he likes to call it "TV Camp." After a lengthy stint at TVLatest, Mike wanted to launch a site that brought in classic TV, diamonds in the rough, and the shows everybody watches. E-mail:
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Ben has been writing about TV, music, and pop culture in some form or another since 2009, including stints at Mental Floss and Temporary Obsession. When not solving puzzles of some sort or consuming pop culture at a frightening pace, he can be found collecting shiny pieces of the internet at E-mail:
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EuroWhat Podcast
About EuroWhat Podcast (83 Articles)
Just some Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest. New episodes drop Wednesdays!
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We are legion.
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He does things. That's all we can say at this time. E-mail: