Eurovision Song Contest 2019

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Tel Aviv, Israel hosted the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Israel won the right to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 following the win of Netta’s “Toy” in Lisbon, Portugal. Tel Aviv Convention Center welcomed guests from around the world for the event. The semi-finals took place Tuesday, May 14 and Thursday, May 16. The Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was held Saturday, May 18.

This edition was the third time Israel hosted Eurovision and the first for Tel Aviv, with the 1999 and 1979 editions hosted in Jerusalem. This was also the first time KAN served as the broadcaster in charge of the event, following the closure of IBA in 2017.

The winning song was “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands. North Macedonia, competing for the first time under their new moniker, won the jury portion of the scoreboard with the song “Proud” by Tamara Todevska. The public vote was won by “Spirit in the Sky” by Norway’s group KEiiNO.

Participating Countries

Participants selected their entries via several different methods:

  • Internal Selection: The broadcaster selected the act and the song. Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Russia, San Marino, and Switzerland used this method.
  • National Final: The broadcaster will hold a one-off competition to determine their act and song. Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom selected their acts and songs this way.
  • Festival: The broadcaster holds a slightly longer competition, usually with one or two semi-finals and a grand final. Sometimes the competition will take place over the course of a week (Italy’s Sanremo or Albania’s Festivali i Këngës) or over a couple of weekends (Portugal’s Festival da Cancão or Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin). Croatia, Estonia, France, Latvia, Romania, and Serbia used this process.
  • Selection Series: The broadcaster holds a long-form competition to determine their artist and song, usually with multiple rounds of winnowing down options. Georgia (Georgia Idol), Hungary (A Dal), Lithuania (Marathon), and Sweden (Melodifestivalen) are prime examples.
  • Hybrid: A broadcaster may use one method to determine their artist and another method to select their song.
    • Finland’s broadcaster selected Darude as their artist, but used the national final UMK to have the public choose his song.
    • Israel’s broadcaster used HaKokhav HaBa (Rising Star) to select Kobi Marimi, but his song was chosen internally.
    • Michela Pace won Malta’s version of The X Factor and won the right to go to Eurovision, but her song was internally selected.
    • Spain’s Operacion Triunfo matches contestants from the show with songs for a special Eurovision round. Miki won the Eurovision round a few weeks after Famous won OT2018.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 First Semi-Final

Running OrderCountryArtistSongJuryTelevoteTotalPlace
1CyprusTamtaReplay95 (4)54 (10)1499
2MontenegroD-MollHeaven31 (13)15 (16)4616
3FinlandDarude feat. Sebastian RejmanLook Away9 (16)14 (17)2317
4PolandTuliaFire of Love (Pali się)60 (11)60 (8)12011
5SloveniaZala Kralj & Gašper ŠantlSebi74 (7)93 (5)1676
6Czech RepublicLake MalawiFriend of a Friend157 (1)86 (6)2422
7HungaryJoci PápaiAz Én Apám65 (9)32 (14)9712
8BelarusZenaLike It78 (6)44 (11)12210
9SerbiaNevena BožovićKruna91 (5)65 (7)1567
10BelgiumEliot VassamilletWake Up40 (12)20 (15)7013
11GeorgiaOto NemsadzeKeep on Going29 (14)33 (13)6214
12AustraliaKate Miller-HeidkeZero Gravity121 (3)140 (2)2611
13IcelandHatariHatrið mun sigra70 (8)151 (1)2213
14EstoniaVictor CroneStorm65 (10)133 (3)1984
15PortugalConan OsírisTelemóveis8 (17)43 (12)5115
16GreeceKaterine DuskaBetter Love131 (2)54 (9)1855
17San MarinoSerhatSay Na Na Na26 (15)124 (4)1508
The first semi-final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was held Tuesday, May 14 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The ten acts with the most points advanced to the Grand Final on Saturday, May 18. France, Israel, and Spain also voted in this semi-final.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Second Semi-Final

Running OrderCountryArtistSongJuryTelevoteTotalPlace
1ArmeniaSrbukWalking Out26 (14)23 (15)4916
2IrelandSarah McTernan2213 (18)3 (17)1618
3MoldovaAnna OdobescuStay58 (8)27 (13)8512
4SwitzerlandLuca HänniShe Got Me95 (6)137 (3)2324
5LatviaCarouselThat Night37 (13)13 (16)5015
6RomaniaEster PeonyOn a Sunday47 (10)24 (14)7113
7DenmarkLeonoraLove Is Forever53 (9)41 (11)9410
8SwedenJohn LundvikToo Late for Love150 (2)88 (6)2383
9AustriaPAENDALimits21 (16)0 (18)2117
10CroatiaRokoThe Dream26 (15)38 (12)6414
11MaltaMichela PaceChameleon107 (4)50 (10)1578
12LithuaniaJurijus VeklenkoRun with the Lions16 (17)77 (8)9311
13RussiaSergey LazarevScream93 (7)124 (4)2176
14AlbaniaJonida MaliqiKtheju tokës38 (12)58 (9)969
15NorwayKEiiNOSpirit in the Sky40 (11)170 (1)2107
16NetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade140 (3)140 (2)2801
17North MacedoniaTamara TodevskaProud155 (1)84 (7)2392
18AzerbaijanChingizTruth103 (5)121 (5)2245
The second semi-final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was held Thursday, May 16 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The ten acts with the most points advanced to the Grand Final on Saturday, May 18. Germany, Italy, and Spain also voted in this semi-final.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Grand Final Participants

1MaltaMichela PaceChameleon87 (10)20 (22)10714
2AlbaniaJonida MaliqiKtheju tokës43 (17)47 (17)9017
3Czech RepublicLake MalawiFriend of a Friend150 (8)7 (24)15711
4GermanyS!stersSister24 (21)0 (26)2425
5RussiaSergey LazarevScream126 (9)244 (4)3703
6DenmarkLeonoraLove is Forever69 (12)51 (15)12012
7San MarinoSerhatSay Na Na Na12 (23)65 (10)7719
8North MacedoniaTamara TodevskaProud247 (1)58 (12)3057
9SwedenJohn LundvikToo Late for Love241 (2)93 (9)3345
10SloveniaZala Kralj & Gašper ŠantlSebi46 (15)59 (11)10515
11CyprusTamtaReplay77 (11)32 (20)10913
12NetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade237 (3)261 (2)4981
13GreeceKaterine DuskaBetter Love50 (14)24 (21)7421
14IsraelKobi MarimiHome0 (26)35 (19)3523
15NorwayKEiiNOSpirit in the Sky40 (18)291 (1)3316
16United KingdomMichael RiceBigger Than Us8 (24)3 (25)1126
17IcelandHatariHatrið mun sigra46 (16)186 (6)23210
18EstoniaVictor CroneStorm28 (20)48 (16)7620
19BelarusZenaLike It18 (22)13 (23)3124
20AzerbaijanChingizTruth202 (5)100 (8)3028
21FranceBilal HassaniRoi67 (13)38 (18)10516
22ItalyMahmoodSoldi219 (4)253 (3)4722
23SerbiaNevena BožovićKruna35 (19)54 (13)8918
24SwitzerlandLuca HänniShe Got Me152 (7)212 (5)3644
25AustraliaKate Miller-HeidkeZero Gravity153 (6)131 (7)2849
26SpainMikiLa Venda1 (25)53 (14)5422
The Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was held Saturday, May 18 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom automatically qualified while ten acts qualified from each of the two semi-finals.
Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Israel automatically qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, to be held in Tel Aviv on Saturday, May 18. (Photos:

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