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Cover art for Eurowhat episode 123 Live on Tape. The video for Montaigne's live on tape performance is shown on the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam

123: Live on Tape

Bre Booker joins us to discuss the pre-recorded Live on Tape performances from the 2021 Eurovision Song Celebration YouTube specials.

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Cover art for EuroWhat episode 122 Revised Head Canon. Wide shot of the Eurovision stage shortly after Italy's Måneskin are announced as the winners.

122: Revised Head Canon

Ryan's back! We help to provide a revised head canon to fill the gap between 2018 and 2021 and review this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

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Cover art for Eurowhat Episode 121 Eurovision 2021 Grand Final Preview. Members of Italy's Måneskin stand backstage in the Rotterdam Ahoy while wearing masks.

121: Eurovision 2021 Grand Final Preview

33 songs competed on the Eurovision stage Tuesday and Thursday but only 20 advanced to the 2021 Grand Final. Who will win the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam?

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Cover art for Eurowhat Episode 120 Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final Preview. The Eurovision Stage is lit up in an empty Rotterdam Ahoy

120: Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final Preview

The Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final Spectacular is here! We make our picks for the 20 songs we think will qualify for the Grand Final in Rotterdam.

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Cover art for episode 119: Critical Condition. Top row: Måneskin (Italy), James Newman (United Kingdom), Jendrik (Germany). Bottom Row: Barbara Pravi (France), Blas Cantó (Spain), Jeangu Macrooy (Netherlands)

119: Critical Condition

Mark Blankenship joins us to discuss the Eurovision auto-qualifiers. Are the Big 5 and the Netherlands in good shape or are they in critical condition?

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Cover art for Eurowhat 118 Over-Egged Pudding. Top row: Victoria (Bulgaria), Samanta Tina (Latvia), The Black Mamba (Portugal). Bottom row: Gjon's Tears (Switzerland), Fyr og Flamme (Denmark), Blind Channel (Finland)

118: Over-Egged Pudding

Maura Johnston joins us to discuss the last section of Eurovision 2021 Semi 2. Topics include pudding, track suits, and CVS Bangers.

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