About Us

The EuroWhat? Podcast began as telESCope, a sub-section of What Else is On where we generally geeked out about the Eurovision Song Contest. After a couple of years of mixing coverage of a European endeavor with the best(?) American TV had to offer, we wanted to do a deeper dive in what we found exciting in television.

Spoiler Policy

During Eurovision Selection Season (Late December to Mid-March) we will be covering the results from the various national finals and selection processes, which typically happen on weekends. If you haven’t been spoiled by Wednesday when our episodes drop… I’m not sure how we can help you. Check the episode shownotes to see if there are topics you want to skip past (we include timestamps).

We may on occasion livetweet from our @Eurowhat account. We are very good about using hashtags, so you may want to use muting options if you don’t want to be spoiled in that regard.

Our episodes during rehearsal week and leading up to the Grand Final will most likely contain discussion of rehearsal footage and the content of the semi-finals. We understand that this may in fact be spoilery and will make on-air mentions of when we get into spoiler territory.

Offseason topics may include other forms of media — books, TV episodes, movies — that could include spoilers. Again, check the show notes.

Comments Policy

We love to get feedback from our listeners. However, since we are dealing with a Eurocentric topic, GDPR is a genuine concern. To that end, we’ve disabled comments on the website proper and encourage you to contact us via social media or by email. Here’s where you can find us:

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