Eurovision First Listen: France Selects Twin Twin’s “Moustache”

France follows their own drummer when it comes to Eurovision entries. Do they have the right beat this year?

We need to talk about France, you guys. They clearly don’t want to win Eurovision, and at this point they’re just flaunting their Big 6 status. Whether sending a torch song, opera, a straightforward pop number, a bluesier torch song, or even one of their weirdest artists, France has consistently placed nowhere near the top 5 in the results for the last decade, coming closest with an 8th place finish in 2009. I’m not suggesting they’re picking bad songs on purpose, but it’s clear they’d rather follow their own fancies rather than go for the gold. Does Twin Twin’s “Moustache” continue this pattern? Take a listen:

Yes. Yes it does.

Musically, this song sounds like something I’d hear on the Top 40 channel of a transatlantic flight. It’s got enough of the characteristics (pop/rap mix, strummy guitar, bits and pieces of EDM beats) of what’s been going on in American pop to sound current. How that’ll fare in a European competition is anyone’s guess – this vaguely reminds me of “Alllez Olla Ole” from a few years ago and that finished squarely near the middle. I think France’s choice to perform in French rather than English will hurt them as well, but it’s what they always choose to do.

As far as the performance, I’ll say this about Twin Twin: all three members manage to look sketchy in their own completely unique way. I would avoid making eye contact with any of these guys if I was walking around Paris. The staging seems to have mostly focused the cameras on the girls dancing behind the guys; this is probably for the best. I think between song and staging, if it weren’t for the automatic final placement, this wouldn’t show up in the Eurovision final. And I think France knows that too.

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